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A Quick Switch

January 2, 2012

Hi everyone! We are in the midst of changing blog hosts, and so for today (and the next few) please find us at:

Our home URL should be moved over by the end of the week, so no need to update your readers just yet. Please just visit the link above until has been moved.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!


Handpicked Peaches

December 22, 2011

Each week we round up a bushel of fun links from around the web!

Soup? Yes! Tomatoes? Yes! Cheese? Like you even need to ask. The perfect combination

If you’re a nerd like me, well, you probably already saw this… but for everyone else enjoy the trailer for The Hobbit

My kind of makeup for New Years Eve, I can’t wait to be dramatic!

I’ve also been OBSESSED with The Lumineers! Listen to Ho Hey, a song featured on Hart of Dixie.

I could watching the lights on this house all day long.

You’ve heard of cake pops…but what about cheese ball pops? Yay or nay?


What fun links did you find this week?

A Very Happy Birthday

December 21, 2011

Post by Christine

I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and I’m on quite a but of Vicodin… so basically this post my not be very interesting but important none-the-less. I want to give huge Happy Birthday to my best friend Danielle!

She turned 21 last weekend and to celebrate we all went down to Atlantic City where her parents treated us to an amazing dinner at Mia’s

Me and my date friend, Kim, shared a duck entree and a veal entree and we basically both died and went to heaven! Oh… and did I mention we ate dinner next to David Ortiz? Yuuuup

Next stop was the nightclub Dusk where her parents got us a VIP table and bottle service.

Basically everyone’s night ended up looking like this…

And my friends may have almost went to David Ortiz’s after party. It was a good night that’s for sure.

Happy Birthday Danielle, I love you and I hope that your night was amazing ❤

Favorite Christmas Traditions

December 20, 2011

Post by Kimberly

Since I love all of my family’s holiday traditions, I figured I would take the time to share them all with you!

1. Christmas Eve Breakfast…this tradition started when Rachel, Christine and I were wee tiny little kids and in order to save my mother’s sanity while she prepped a meal fit for an army, our Dad would take us out of the house for breakfast and a trip to see Santa.  This tradition has evolved over the years and eventually we invited Mom to join us. We still do this every year and its such a nice time to sit down with our immediate family and relax.

2. Christmas Eve.  It is by far my favorite day of the year.  My parent’s house is decked out in the most beautiful decorations, our ginormous tree is all lit up and candles are spread ALL over the place.  It’s so beautiful and warm and brings back a flood of memories from all my favorite Christmases in the past.

3. Baking Day!  Every year we try to set aside one weekend day in December to bake up a storm! You can read more about it here…it’s amazing and exhausting and glutenous, but hanging with our Mom all day long really is the best tradition.

4. Christmas Movies…I love sporadically catching a great film on television or planning out a night to cuddle up with a Christmas flick.  Elf, National Lampoon’s, Scrooged, Family Stone…there just isn’t enough time in December to fit them all in!

5. Leszer Christmas Dinner…this tradition was started 8 years ago by my sister and her best friend Lindsey.  It basically is a giant girls dinner with my sisters and Lindsey and her sister and each of our best friends.  Basically there are 8 of us, we meet every year around Christmas for dinner at Carmine’s in NYC and a trip to the tree.  Each year someone makes a craft party favor take home and its basically the next best thing besides Christmas Eve!

What are your favorite holiday traditions? 

Last Minute Gifts I’d Love to Receive for Christmas

December 19, 2011

Post by Rachel

It’s almost that time! How did it go by so quickly?! I can’t believe Christmas is only a mere 6 days away. I love it! As I’m finishing up my Christmas shopping (just a few more things left to do!), I’ve come across many things that I wouldn’t mind receiving for myself on this Christmas…so in case you’re looking, here you go… 😉

A Silpat, to make all of my baking dreams come true.

Some new, comfy slippers. I saw these in Haute Apple Pie‘s gift guide and fell in love.

A circle scarf. These never get old to me.

Some retro Giants gear (though after yesterday’s performance, I’m seriously reconsidering my loyalties).

Nail polish. You can really never go wrong with this, and I can never get enough.

A donation to my cousin Jessica’s fund. At just 22 years old, she was recently diagnosed with leukemia and medical bills are astronomical. I can’t and won’t accept the injustice of every aspect of this.

So that’s what I’m loving this Christmas. I may have just turned over this list to my husband…

What are you hoping to receive this Christmas? Or, what are you planning to give?

Peach and the Pit of the Week

December 16, 2011

Rounding up this week’s highs and lows!


Pit: Less than stellar week at my internship, tears may or may not have been shed

Peach: the Holiday season!! Round one of Christmas dinner on Saturday with the family! CANNOT WAIT!

SO psyched for christmas!


Pit: My last final. It was awful. I wanted to cry after finishing. I guess there’s nothing I can do now, but it still feels pretty terrible.

Peach: Going to Atlantic City on Saturday for my best friend’s 21st birthday! Assuming we make it there after we throw her a party at home the night before. It’s basically going to be awesome.


Pit: feeling like I dont even have a moment to breathe this week with work and holiday craziness

Peach: fun holiday craziness! Hitting Sammy’s tonight for office holiday party – vodka, Jewish food and an old man playing DJ.

What are your peaches and pits of the week? Dish in the comments!

Handpicked Peaches: A Bushel of Sweet Links

December 15, 2011

It’s link day here on The Peach & The Pit, and this is always my favorite day on the blog! I love reading about what my sisters have dug up over the last week, and I have so much fun finding great stuff to share too! If you have any fun articles, recipes, beauty tips or pretty photos to share, link ’em up in the comments!

I mean, there are no words how much this cup holder umbrella would help me on my commute on soggy mornings! my commute!

Wish I had a fabulous party to wear one of Anthro’s many fabulous dresses!

Hunger Games + Nail Polish = Pure Giddiness!

It’s Christmas and therefore I cannot get enough chocolate & peppermint!

If you watch American Horror Story, this page is a must (and if you don’t, you should be)

I wish I had any hair styling skills whatsoever so that I might try one of these!