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Sister Slim Down

June 21, 2011
       The “Sister Slim Down” can easily be described in a few words: Three sisters working their butts off (literally and figuratively) to look hot and feel great in their bikinis. 
       Let me tell you, none of us are tiny girls by any means. We’re, in a word, “normal.” With Rachel and Kim standing at around 5’5” and me (Christine) at about 5’9”, the Cannon girls have collectively inherited big boobs, wide backs, soccer thighs and broad shoulders. After years of constant dieting and complaining about our lack of fast metabolisms, we finally made a promise to each other to get ourselves in shape in time for vacation!
       Whether it is weight, inches, or BMI, all three of us have one goal: to lower our numbers. In the next 6 weeks we plan to change our eating habits and workout as often and vigorously as possible. With the promise made on this blog and our promises to each other, we should be looking hot and young in no time!
Wish us luck and stay tuned for updates from each sister!
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  1. December 29, 2011 8:27 am

    Good luck to you guys! I really hope ya’ll reach exactly the goals you want!

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