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A New Beginning

June 27, 2011

“My diet starts tomorrow”
How many of us fall victim to those four words? I’m sure every woman has said it once or twice… or three hundred times… But here I am saying it again. Hopefully, by declaring it on the internet I will be able to stick to a new routine and record my progress.
So, saying that, today I have kept myself eating healthy and trying so hard to walk past the box of cookies and ignore the sheet cake with buttercream icing being stored in the freezer for whenever one might desire it. Instead I went with:

Breakfast: Irish Oatmeal with some vanilla protein powder
Lunch: A healthy baked ziti my mom made but using spaghetti squash instead of pasta
Snack: Romaine lettuce with some ginger dressing (yup this kind from japanese restaurants, yum!)

I plan on working out tonight and writing up a post with my measurements and even include a “before” picture (yikes!!).

Talk to you later


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  1. June 28, 2011 5:09 pm

    Ever since the New Year, I have vowed to say or even think, “my diet starts tomorrow” – it is SO toxic. I feel like when I think that, i eat whatever is in my face the night before/weekend before/6 months before? I even feel like it helps to just think, okay I fell off the wagon with this piece of cake, but everyone is allowed an indulgence, that way I make sure I eat early and drink water…making it easier to get back on the diet wagon!

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