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Happy Tuesday, Peaches!

June 28, 2011

Good afternoon my little peaches!

I am finally able to post my first entry, and although I do not have a lot of exciting and groundbreaking news, I hope this development begins a long and exciting relationship between me and this blog….or maybe just a long one. I guess the amount of excitement is TBD.
As the end of June is rearing its ugly, sweaty and humid head, I keep thinking where did the time go!? For one, the bar exam is in the month of July. Once Friday hits, I will also be in the month July. ::rocking in the corner, biting my nails commences::
And two, only one month until we leave for Aruba!! Which means, on top of rocking back and forth in the corner, I mean, studying for the bar exam, I have to get my exercise on!!
So far, its been a struggle. Doing any sort of physical activity after the day of studying, is out of the question, as I usually walk the 10 blocks home in a sweaty, catatonic blur before collapsing in bed. Therefore, my only option is the wee hours of the morning, I am talking 5:30-7:00 am.
At times, I have been good, like really good. Like, didnt order a cheeseburger when everyone else at my table did, and I pretended to think my leafy greens, no dressing, salad was just what I wanted…right. I was also really good, when I woke up on Sunday morning to go for a run through Brooklyn Heights. They don’t call ’em the Heights for no reason, those things are hilly. But gathering myself into a bathing suit two hours later proved that, just one run and one salad, were NOT enough. I even woke up on Monday early to lift weights in my living room…and by that I mean, I did some bicep curls while watching Today show. FAIL.
But besides that, its just been me, flabby and lumpy chillin’ in the corner, rocking. I need a change, I know once I get going, and if I could just make it to the gym 5 days in a row, it will come fast, but the 5 days in a row part has plagued me.
Here’s hoping my first post spurs a little excitement, and I can report back in 5 days, that I did in fact make it to the gym every morning!
Let’s start out small, because we can always keep it going, to 10! Anyone else up for the 5 day challenge?
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