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Thursday That’s Kind of Like Friday

June 30, 2011

Hey Peachy Girls!

I’m pretty psyched today for a number of reasons:
1. It’s SO gorgeous out! I just want to find a patch of lush grass and lay in it.
2. I got my butt to the gym this morning. It wasn’t the best workout of my life, but I got ‘er done.
3. My office is closed tomorrow, which means that today is kind of like Friday for me…hurrah!

Jump for Joy!! (source)

On an eating note, I think I did pretty well this week. Though I have seen no movement on the scale whatsoever (and I kind of want to pull my hair out because of it), I am hoping that I’m at least losing inches. I need to measure myself this weekend. I ate a lot of the same things this week, here’s the rundown:

Breakfast: always a banana & pb smoothie. works every time.

Lunch: I made zucchini lasagna using low fat ricotta, mozzarella and crushed tomatoes. I packed this up every day and brought it to work.

Snack: grapes or a yogurt

Dinner: ground turkey enchilada (in whole wheat tortilla) or ground turkey meatloaf

Dessert: None

Blah. Not exactly starving myself, but still. It would nice to see at least a little movement on the scale!

As for the gym, I did cardio strength + weights on Monday and this morning, plus Zumba on Tuesday night. I’m super sore! I skipped yesterday, but hopefully the 5 Day Challenge will still count if I go tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday too 🙂

How are your weeks going? My Zumba instructor played a great Britney song in our class this week and I am now obsessed. Oh Brit Brit:

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I saw Bethenny and Bryn yesterday! They were walking into her apartment building. I wanted to hunt her down and ask if the 3 of us could work for SkinnyGirl, but she was gone too fast. Weird. Did you hear that her new SkinnyGirl flavor is going to be white sangria? This Saturday at a BBQ I was totally playing sales rep for SkinnyGirl margs every time someone walked over to the drink table.

Thanks all for now, until later!

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  1. June 30, 2011 8:41 pm

    so jealous today is your Friday!! I am totally crashing today – i am staying at school until 7:30 and then breaking free for soccer. It's a blessing that the library is only open until 5:00 on Fridays! Excuse to get outta here!!

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