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Post-Vacation Procrastination

August 10, 2011

Post by Kimberly

While I can’t say I am necessarily happy to be home, I am not as depressed about returning this week to New Jersey after a wonderful vacation in Aruba.  In years, past returning from Aruba meant a long list of to-do’s lied between me and Labor Day.  As Rachel discussed yesterday, her list this year and long and cumbersome. I, however, am faced with the opposite dilemma, for the first time in my life I. have. nothing. to. do. Training for preseason soccer (aka running until I think I am gonna die…), getting ready to go back to school (read multiple trips to bed bath and beyond) or finish up an internship (finally finish being a swamp beast to and fro the office in NYC…) would be things on my to-do list…But I got nothing, nothing but this….

Mom and Me Lounging in the Backyard

I know for most people this might sound awesome…but for me, its terrifying. It is also unmotivated to have few things on the horizon in the coming months that make me wanna get up and at ’em every morning. I had high hopes of returning from Aruba and getting my butt back in the gym, my resume all tidied and sent out to various employers, and really falling into a routine.  However, it’s been difficult, to say the least. I have yet to make it to the gym (how did I go in Aruba, but can’t walk downstairs to the basement here!?) and most days have been spent by the pool catching up on books I missed this year.

For these reasons, and because it has been a rough summer to say the least, I am going to go a little easy on myself, just this once.  Normally, I would internally berate myself for not making the most of my days and fall into a “funk”, but this week I am going to give myself another break, ride out the second half and make sure I get my butt back into the groove next week!

But I am looking for some motivation, serious motivation.  I need to get myself back in shape, find a job and really look forward to tackling September head on, so please, please, I am begging our readers, send it my way.  Whether it be books, websites, music, I do not discriminate against motivating materials!  So until next time, I’ll leave you with this, the anthem of my week…

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