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Peach and the Pit Friday

August 12, 2011

Post by Kimberly

Happy Friday, Peaches! I’m back today to discuss our highs and lows and wish everyone a great weekend!

Rachel’s Pits (ha.ha.):

Leaving Aruba

Feeling uber-overwhelmed by all the things I’ve been ignoring for the past eight weeksMy Peach:

…And her Peaches:

Finally seeing (and laughing/crying through) Harry Potter
Using Urban Decay’s Gunmetal eye shadow (via Naked palette)…swoon!

Christine’s One Pit:

Catching a summer cold (from Mom!), which is a huge bummer due to her plans to go to a good ol’ BBQ and then spend the weekend visiting a friend!

But her Peach is:

Finally finished work today and saved a ton of money to back to
school with and spend it on things my mom would approve of… maybe 🙂

My Pits of the Week:

I second Rachel’s feelings of being overwhelmed with lots to do in the upcoming weeks

I also am not looking forward to beginning the daunting job search next week
and finally, my Peaches: 
Spending the weekend with my family relaxing
Helping our cousin, Veronica, get ready for her engagement party next weekend
Discovering the cutest candy/baking/party hosting store called Candyland in New Jersey, I just wish I had more parties to bake for now!
Looking forward to all the fun things planned in the next few weeks!

Please share what your peaches and pits are of the week! Hope you all have a great weekend and soak up the beautiful weather!


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  1. Sandy permalink
    August 12, 2011 11:18 pm

    My Peaches: Having my kids home for the weekend. Seeing “The Help” with my girls.
    My Pit: One of my girls won’t be with us.

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