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Peaches & Pits of the Week

August 19, 2011

Every week we round up the highs (peaches) and lows (pits) of the week!

Want to join in the fun? Send us yours over or link up on your blog and we’ll include it!!


Peaches: discovering the best/ easiest way to curl my hair ever
Pit: not washing my hair since Monday…
But back to my peach: the curls last 3 days!!
Pit: sending christine back to Penn State
Peach: visiting bucknell and eating the freeze!!

who wouldn't think this was the best thing of the week?!

Peaches: Sleepover with my sisters, completely with crazy Dutch boy-style hair do’s

my little dutch boys

Pits: Getting {almost} knocked out by someone’s stench on the Path train;
Trying to renew my driver’s license for the 4th time in 2 weeks, only to get to the front as the printing machine breaks. Blah.
Peach: Heading back to school and having my first apartment off campus! As I write this I’m surrounded by friends I haven’t seen in months and it makes me so happy!
Pit: Leaving home 😦 it’s always so hard leaving my family and especially our dog, Chloe, who is already 14 years old.

What’s your best and worst of the week?

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