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Peach and the Pit Friday

August 26, 2011

Every week we round up the highs (peaches) and lows (pits) of the week!

Want to join in the fun? Send us yours over or link up on your blog and we’ll include it!!


peach: finally getting into the groove of classes and putting up our
first posters since having gotten our lease in June….

Our Posters in our Beaver Hill Apt

pit: meetings, meetings, meetings! and 1 ping pong class that I
thought would be a breeze gym class but I walked in today to learn I’d
be playing with Olympic athletes! holy moly I’m in trouble!

Stan is NOT down with the ping pong classes....


peach: having a girls day in atlantic city, staying {relatively} carb free all week, feeling the east coast earthquake with my butt in the sand, getting back on the treadmill tonight…

pit: getting back on the treadmill tonight!! And realizing how out of shape I am,  after only two miles, my feet/hips/knees were.feeeling.IT. Along with that, carb free means having intense cravings of buttercream frosting, potato chips, french fries and double stuff oreos preferably all on the same plate. thank ya verry much.

w/ milk pleassse!!


peach: Spending time with the extended family in Atlantic City! Earthquakes, candy bags and beach time!

Two Generations of Cousins in Atlantic City

pit: Suffering from Cough Fest 2011: Attack of the Upper Respiratory System…it just won’t quit me. And I hate it.

Feel Better Rachel! Love you! xoxo

Send us or link your blog to your Peach and Pit of the Week!

Happy Weekend Peaches!

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  1. August 26, 2011 5:00 pm

    Peach: 2nd week of school for us! Classes are humming along & I’m back in the swing of getting up at 5:15.

    Peach: (as I told my seniors this morning)–only 33 Fridays until graduation!

    Pit: haven’t seen my husband very much this week. He’s at the end of his BS program so these last classes have been intense–lots of extra time, which means time away.

    Pit: had meetings upon meetings this week so I didn’t make it to Zumba at all. I miss it.

  2. August 28, 2011 2:43 am

    Hey ladies! Here’s hoping the weekend has more peaches than pits for ya!

    My Peach: Finally went to counseling to try and work on myself. It felt good to talk about things.

    My Pit: Had to work tonight, so I couldn’t stay visiting with my sister.

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