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Peach and the Pit Friday

September 2, 2011

The Peach and the Pit Friday’s are our chance to share our high’s and lows, or our “peaches” and our “pits,” of the week. Sure life can have a few pits in it, but there definitely plenty of peaches out there (sure, it’s lame but it really is true!)


Peach: Losing power for an afternoon after the hurricane. I spent a full 2 hours laying on the couch doing nothing. It was heavenly. Then I was ready for power to come back on. And it did.

Pit: Still coughing like a lunatic, despite seeing a doctor and taking medicine. Can we say beyond over it?!


Peach: Surviving the hurricane unscathed, post hurricane beautiful beach weather

Pit: Last full week of “unofficial” summer, living at my parents leaves me feeling equal parts nostalgia, depression and happiness…yes, it is possible to have all those emotions rolled into one, i bet i am a JOY to be around 🙂


Peach: As I’m sitting here typing this I’m listening to Meatloaf and watching my friends having the best time ever. I have to say that me and my friends having a karaoke night is the best night ever 🙂

Pit: Not going to the gym! ugh I know this is so typical but I need to just bite the bullet and do it! Tomorrow I swear is the day  I start mt gym routine! Zumba anyone?

What are you’re peaches and pits of the week?

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