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First {and Last} Lazy Summer Sunday

September 5, 2011

Post by Rachel

Happy Labor Day peaches!

I’m both happy and in semi-disbelief that it’s Labor Day. It can only mean one thing…cool weather, spiced flavors, apple cupcakes, chunky sweaters and knee-length boots are approaching. And I like it.

The summer has been fantastic. Since May, I’ve traveled to Spain…

eaten my fair share of delicious jamon

jetted to Switzerland…

and drank enough beer to last me a lifetime…

I ate my body weight and found an amazing bar in Las Vegas…

and went on our annual family vacation to Aruba.

Not to mention the fact that Shaun and I attended like 30 other parties, gatherings, beach days and other fun times with friends and family.

I have one thing to say about all of the above.

I’m tired!

The summer has been SO fun and we’re so lucky to have been invited to lots of events and fortunate enough to be in a position to do a lot of traveling.

But I have to admit…exhaustion has set in. I haven’t spent a full week at home in months. My wallet is depleted. I’m tired of sweating every morning on my way to work. I’ve made no progress on decorating my apartment (even though we moved in almost 1.5 years ago). I’ve been battling a cough for like…2 full weeks at this point. It’s not good.

Yesterday, Shaun and I had our first {and ultimately last} lazy day of the summer. We ate bagels for breakfast. We caught up on Jersey Shore. We I napped the day away.

It was heavenly.

So summer…I’m sad to say goodbye as always. But I’m really so excited for all things fall. And today, instead of trying to get in one last beach day, we’ll spend our day off doing old people things like buying a new mattress and picking out lighting fixtures. I don’t mind. I’m ready to say sayonara summer!

Questions of the Day:

How did you spend your Labor Day weekend?

Are you ready to say sayonara summer? Or are you lamenting its demise?

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  1. September 5, 2011 10:05 am

    I’m ready to kiss summer good-bye also! I love it, but fall is my favorite. i’m ready to move on, and have some lazy Sundays watching football!

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