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The Peach & The Pit of the Week

September 16, 2011

Every Friday, we round up our peaches (highs) and pits (lows) of the previous week.

We’d love for you to share yours with us! Solidarity people! Join in the comments or link up!


Signed, sealed, delivered – 500 cover letter/resume packets to various law firms this week!
Finding out I have high cholesterol!!  Well not too high or too much to be concerned with, but STILL I consider myself healthy so it was definitely a blow to the ol’ ego!



Finally sleeping with the windows open! Hooray for fresh air and a dwindling energy bill!
I’m also love my little terrace visitor…and thinking that it’s probably time we got a pet. Shaun and I are way to into this little guy.


Feeling extremely overweight and out of shape. I’ve been pretty miserable about it this week actually. I’ve been trying my hardest to get back into Weight Watchers. The real challenge will be…can I keep it up through the weekend?!
My record player. Ah listening to records has been so amazing. The sound quality is out of control and it’s pretty cool to listen to my parents old records and figuring out which ones were their favorites by how much they scratch!
I have four exams next week so my time management needs to be impeccable! To say that I am stressed is an understatement and you can take a look at my skin to prove it. Seriously, these pimples are NOT alright with me 😦

What are your peaches and pits of the week? We can’t be the only ones with the good and the bad!

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