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The Peach & The Pit Friday

September 30, 2011
Every Friday, we round up our peaches (highs) and pits (lows) of the previous week.

We’d love to hear yours too! Share some in the comments or link up!



I’ll be spending my weekend in Pittsburgh raising money for children with cancer. My weekend will consist of shaking cans on the street in the rain and hoping that people donate.

It sounds awful but last year my organization was able to raise $95,000 in one weekend! So to say standing in the rain for two days is worth it is an understatement.


I almost lost my finger tip today. I closed my door behind me and got it caught in the door. It was a pretty gruesome sight but luckily everything is where it should be. It things aren’t looking better after this weekend then I’ll probably have to take a trip to the doctor. Until then I’m packing band-aids and plenty of hydrogen peroxide!



getting to hang out with my adorable cousins two days in a row….and being reminded of how refreshingly nice it is to hang out with people under the age of 4 who can teach you how to laugh at yourself and forget the rest of the world.


humidity in the northeast, can we say return of the swamp beast!? I need October and all of it’s crispness ASAP.



I went to the gym twice this week! Twice! And I ran 2 miles each time. This is a big deal for me friends, since I much prefer sitting on the couch and eating desserts.


Shaun’s been traveling allllllll week for work. I am over it! I miss my man.

So there you have it. Our highs and lows going on with all three of us this week.

Question of the Day:

What are your peaches and pits of the week? Share some with us!

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