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The Peach & the Pit of the Week

October 7, 2011

The Peach and the Pit Friday’s are our chance to share our high’s and lows, or our “peaches” and our “pits,” of the week. Sure life can have a few pits in it, but there definitely plenty of peaches out there!

(sure, it’s lame but it really is true!)

Want to share yours too? Link up and send them our way!



Date night with Shaun at Minetta Tavern in Manhattan! I ate a juicy burger, fries, bone marrow and a few glasses of wine. It did not disappoint!


The way I feel this morning after eating a juicy burger, fries, bone marrow and a few glasses of wine. Oh and a big slice of coconut layer cake…



Tailgates, football, hayrides, and possibly my parents! That’s what I have in store for this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. My basketball coach from high school is coming up for the football game so me and a friend are going to crash his tailgate tomorrow morning. Plus, after the game my organization is going on a hayride where there will be plenty of food, bonfires, and a live band! Oh, and my parents might visit this weekend and I really hope they do because I’m seriously home sick.


I injured my hand this week. At a pillow fight…

I’m not sure what’s wrong with it but it’s a bit swollen. I may go to the doctor today if the swelling doesn’t go down.


Peach: Headed to Boston this weekend!  There is not a lot that rivals New England in the fall! Can’t wait to drink some pumpkin beer and soak in the sights!

Pit: My planter fasciitis is rearing its ugly head.  My heel problems have hit a new low eliminating running and wearing any type of “cute shoe.  Does anyone else have this!?  I may do a post explaining it and the long journey I’ve had with my high arches!

What are your peaches and pits of the week? We can’t be the only ones with the good and the bad!

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