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The Peach and the Pit of the Week

October 14, 2011

The Peach and the Pit Friday’s are our chance to share our high’s and lows, or our “peaches” and our “pits,” of the week. Sure life can have a few pits in it, but there definitely plenty of peaches out there!

(sure, it’s lame but it really is true!)

Want to share yours too? Link up and send them our way!

Sorry this post is coming atchya a little late…I may have had a little too much fun last night celebrating a certain someone’s birthday….but here ya go, Enjoy!


Peach: Refreshing my bra & undie drawer (among other parts of my closet) at Nordstrom Rack, followed by a much needed haircut. I’m like a new person!

Why Mother Nature!? WHY!?

Pit: Will the humidity never end? Said pretty haircut damaged immediately by the rainy, humid, icky air.


Peach: Well, I have to steal from Rachel a bit, after also getting an awesome haircut last night (Thank you Bumble&Bumble you are my safe place…) and doing a bit of a closet overhaul (insert too many new chunky sweaters and boots), I am one happy girl!

Pit: THIS WEATHER?! I can’t take the humidity. I have an interview today and I can’t even fathom how to get there without being a swamp beast…oh and add continued unemployment to the list of my pits aaand wearing a suit aaand having to go on a formal interview to VOLUNTEER. Boo.

Yepp..this is how I look at interviews. Not Okay!


Peach: I get to see my sister peaches in one week!! I SERIOUSLY miss them, more than they know! Next weekend is going to be a ton of fun and add in a new dress and a fake id and I’m one happy camper 😉 just kidding… a little bit

Beware of the Claw!

Pit: obviously my broken hand and the fact that I cannot type and when I fist typed “obviously” it came out “obviousply”

How are you guys doing this week!? Send us your peach and pit or link to your own blog! 

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