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A Fleeting Weekend

October 26, 2011

Post by Christine

I hate to just post another string of pictures from New Mexico, but I can’t help myself. It was just beautiful and so different from any place I have ever been!

Every building pretty much looked the same, but in Santa Fe there were some really gorgeous buildings

Now, nothing about the architecture is very different about this one, but something about really caught me. It could have been the gorgeous ivy falling down the side, but it was more of a vibe about this building that I thought was really cool.

My parents bought me this beautiful coral and turquoise ring for my birthday which I am completely in love it ❤

Though, I may actually love the arrows around the band the best…

As my sister peaches (does that remind you of sister wives also?) talked about, we went up to Sandia Peak. My mom kept warm for a bit since it was around 30-40 degrees at the top.

But you couldn’t stay inside for long because it was one of the most beautiful scenes to see in person and going outside is a must!

My trip was definitely short but it was a really great place to go for the weekend and finally see my family after being gone for so long at school.

The only thing I won’t miss: the high altitudes and the side effects that come with it i.e. me snoring and keeping Kim and Nick up at night, bloody noses, dry skin

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  1. October 26, 2011 2:21 pm

    That picture of Mom is adorable!

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