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Russ & Daughters

November 1, 2011

Post by Kimberly

This past weekend, Nick and I crossed off one of the many things of our “Things to do in NYC” list.  Although this list is never-ending and constantly being extended, its fun to write things down, just to cross ’em off!

We made it to Russ & Daughters, one of the oldest Jewish delis in the city, established in 1914.

This place was no joke. They smoke all their fish right on site and the smoked salmon was like butter in your mouth, delicious!  Warning: it was super crowded, it was Sunday morning, the place was jam packed, the servers take their time and let the guest whose number is called take their time, taste testing and answering their questions.  That’s quality service.  Their motto seemed to be, I don’t care if you wait or if you leave, we know our food is good enough to take our time.

We each opted for an everything bagel with smoked nova salmon, tomato, onion, scallion cream cheese (Nick added capers..)

get in mah belly.

I have to admit the bagel itself was nothing to call home about (next time I’d opt for a toasted plain bagel..) but the smoked salmon was unbelievable! I could have just ate it by itself, it was that good! Along with tons of other things to buy, including crackers, rugelach, chocolate, coffee, they had a full refrigerator stocked with Dr. Brown’s soda!

diet black cherry

For dessert we wanted to try some of the different things they had in their chocolate counter…I snagged a few different pieces to taste test.  They were all good…not too sweet, extra dark chocolate and perfect ending to a nice sunday morning meal in Manhattan!

 We got chocolate covered vanilla + cherry twists, broken up milk chocolate…

…marshmallow fluffs and chocolate covered graham crackers.

 I think the graham crackers were my favorite with the chocolate covered cherry twists in close second!

 I highly recommend Russ & Daughters if you live in NYC or are visiting, especially if you are a smoked salmon lover like me! The fact that its been open for almost 100 years says a lot and I am so happy I finally made it down there!  I will be going back soon!

What are some of the things on your “to-do” list? Have you even been to Russ & Daughters? 

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  1. November 1, 2011 9:28 am

    this looks like so much fun! i actually haven’t heard of russ & daughters (and now the foodie in me is shamed…) but i clearly need to get on this!

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