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The Pit and Peach of the Week

December 9, 2011
Every Friday we round up our peaches (highs) and pits (lows) of the week!
Hope you’ll join in the fun!
Our Peaches & Pits:
Pit: lots of sniffles and sneezes going on over here so I’m trying to fight off the impending cold so I can concentrate on getting my bake on this weekend!
Peach: going out to dinner with Mom, having a two hour gab sesh, a little too much wine and some straight up, quality time. The best.



Pit: Like my post said yesterday, finals are KILLING me right now. I had three yesterday, an extra credit paper to finish today and then three more next week! This week is really testing me. One more week and I’m freeeeeee
Peach: Winter means lots of ugly sweater parties 🙂 which also means peppermint patty shots and Christmas music
Pit: Feeling hungry just about all week as I got my butt in gear with Weight Watchers. When does this get easier?!
Peach: Putting up our Christmas tree and watching Christmas Vacation with Shaun! I love the holiday season!
What are your peaches and pits of the week? Dish in the comments!
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