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Last Minute Gifts I’d Love to Receive for Christmas

December 19, 2011

Post by Rachel

It’s almost that time! How did it go by so quickly?! I can’t believe Christmas is only a mere 6 days away. I love it! As I’m finishing up my Christmas shopping (just a few more things left to do!), I’ve come across many things that I wouldn’t mind receiving for myself on this Christmas…so in case you’re looking, here you go… 😉

A Silpat, to make all of my baking dreams come true.

Some new, comfy slippers. I saw these in Haute Apple Pie‘s gift guide and fell in love.

A circle scarf. These never get old to me.

Some retro Giants gear (though after yesterday’s performance, I’m seriously reconsidering my loyalties).

Nail polish. You can really never go wrong with this, and I can never get enough.

A donation to my cousin Jessica’s fund. At just 22 years old, she was recently diagnosed with leukemia and medical bills are astronomical. I can’t and won’t accept the injustice of every aspect of this.

So that’s what I’m loving this Christmas. I may have just turned over this list to my husband…

What are you hoping to receive this Christmas? Or, what are you planning to give?

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